Acute Traumatic Injuries

6th Mar 2012

When you watch football or rugby and see a player’s knee severely twisted or dislocated then that is an acute injury. In an acute injury muscles and ligaments can be torn and bones maybe fractured. These injuries produce a great deal of pain and swelling and require immediate first aid.

Chronic Overuse Injuries

Have you ever heard someone say “I just run out the pain” this could be a stress fracture or arthritis developing; the result is more injury and sometimes gets worse. You need to listen to your body with overuse injuries. Chronic overuse injuries are best treated by reducing the activity that caused it, working on exercises to change old postural misalignment patterns and choosing alternative activities to remain fit.

The main concept and basic first aid for any injury where reducing inflammation is key is RICED;





Drugs.  Anti inflammatory and analgesics. Ibuprofen and aspirin if safe to do so. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist first; your doctor may want to prescribe you something stronger depending on the severity.

Treatment for your injury is paramount and will help you with the recovery process please call 01227 374373 and speak to Wayne for further details. 

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What Causes Injuries?

4th Jul 2013

The first step in managing injuries is to prevent them in the first place or lessen their severity. Here at Broomfield Osteopathic and Sports Injuries Clinic we will not only help you through your painful injury but also help you manage it thereafter.   

We will do this by looking at your gait pattern, head, neck and shoulder organisation and spinal function.  With this we can help you with an exercise programme to eliminate these faulty patterns.

Four factors can contribute to you and your injury


We do not like sudden change!! Overuse injuries occur when there is a sudden increase or change in training technique. Normally in the spring or summer when there is a dramatic increase in sport activity because of the good weather. Wimbledon for example.

Try not to increase your distance, participation frequency or duration by more than 10-15% per week to avoid injury. The human body is amazing and has a wonderful power to adapt if given time.


Means “arrangement in a straight line” but how can this be when are limbs are spiralling in development and are spines have curves in them. Better alignment improves the efficiency of your body, reducing the strain on both a physical and psychological level. Physical strain and exhaustion tend to dampen your mood and general outlook on life. We still have centres of gravity and those gravitational forces acting upon us. A change in the body’s alignment is always associated with adjustments in the joints and muscles. Its not about holding them in a fixed alignment either it’s about understanding how they work to create a balance in our muscles and joints that are strong yet fluid. Here at Broomfield Osteopathic and Sports Injuries clinic we will assess and work with you on your postural alignment. This is very close to my heart having developed faulty patterns from physical activity in the forces. Stood to attention for long periods, rigid with chest out and tummy tight!! A forward flexed spine position and wider gait pattern to propel me forwards with a heavy pack on my back, also to prevent me toppling backwards. All these have an effect on how my hips knees and ankles function. Along with the additional pressure on the lumbar spine and reduced mobility of the rib cage. I have had to take a good look at how I function too!!


Having good musculature and control of the abdomen and back are essential for all spiral and side bending movements. If not then many injuries can occur in volley ball, basket ball, gymnastics and dance.


The more you drive your car the faster you want to drive it, the more likely you will have an accident. The faster you run, cycle or swim the more stress you are putting on your muscular skeletal system and the more opportunity you have for injury. An athlete after inactivity comes back into training and increases the amount of activity (CHANGE) doesn’t have good postural (ALIGNMENT) (TWISTS) and increases there (SPEED) is very susceptible to injuries.

Call WAYNE for further details and treatment 01227 374673.

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Helping you and you’re spine function better for life

6th Mar 2012

Wayne Roberts was a very keen sportsman at school. He represented his school at rugby, football and cross country. At school sports days he would regularly win the 1500 and 800 metre events. In his final year he was sports captain. With the lady sports captain they helped to take the team to win the sports day event. Outside of school he played ice hockey for the local junior team.

In 1988 Wayne joined the army and was soon involved in sports events and march and shoot competitions. He then qualified to work as a fitness trainer in the army helping with regimental fitness programmes. During his time in the army he competed in various triathlons and as a team ran and cycled the 3 peaks challenge for a local disabled children’s charity. (Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and
Snowdon) With a team of runners and cyclists.

In 1995 he qualified as a personal trainer and sports therapist. Wayne left the army and travelled the world training and treating people on board luxurious cruise ships. He was employed on the QE2 for two world cruises as gymnasium manager and was also sports director on board the 6 star crystal symphony
where he ran the annual Olympic games for her passengers. Wayne also trained for and completed the iron man challenge of a gruelling 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and 26.2 mile run in 11 hours, 26 minutes and 32 seconds on board ship!!!! In the ships pool, on a stationary bike and a treadmill!!!!!

In 1999 he left the cruise ships and got called out to Bosnia during the Kosova conflict where he ran the regiment’s fitness programme and looked after any muscular injuries. During his time in Bosnia he trained to run the Marathon-des-able, 140 mile across the Sahara. Wayne left Bosnia in December 1999
and ran the race in April 2000.

It was in 2000 that he began his teaching qualifications and training to be an osteopath. During his 5 year degree he was also teaching sports injuries, anatomy and physiology and taught sports to adults with learning and developmental disabilities to help pay for the course.

In 2005 Wayne qualified as an osteopath and opened Broomfield osteopathic and sports injuries clinic in 2007. Wayne has built his client base from nothing based on honesty, professionalism and good education. He continues to keep developing the practice and has recently brought in and educated himself in Pilates reformer and trapeze equipment from the United States to help you improve you’re
core control and spinal flexibility once you have recovered from injury.

Wayne understands how frustrating it is to be injured and be in pain having suffered many injuries from his sporting events of the past. He still continues to train towards his black belt in kung fu and in the past two years has cycled London to Paris and completed 3 peaks challenge. (I only walked 3 peaks this time though!!)

Wayne believes that a lot of his own injuries of the past are a result of his own faulty postural alignments carrying heavy kit in the army posture. He continues to work on his own posture, core stability and spinal flexibility as well as looking after yours.

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