Osteopath & Sports Therapist

Based at the Broomfield Osteopathy Clinic in Herne Bay, Kent and the Blackrod Clinic in Bolton, Lancashire. Wayne Roberts is a qualified osteopath and sports therapist offering help with conditions such as back pain, sports injuries, strains, slipped discs, stress, neck ache, frozen or stiff shoulders, posture problems and a whole host of conditions.

What is Osteopathy?

Well it's not massage, chiropractition or reiki healing. Osteopaths work with what is called the the musco-skeletal system, that is, with the bones, joint muscles and other soft tissues of the body. However, all osteopaths are trained in all the major disciplines of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and as such will be able to identify conditions which might be related.

to learn more about Osteopathy head over to our Introduction to Osteopathy page.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage works well in conjunction with Osteopathy, using deep tissue massage to relieve tension, aches and strains. It is particularly suitable for treating injuries and muscle pain, for example, sports injuries, back pain, posture and alignment and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Contact me to book an appointment now at our Broomfield Clinic in Herne Bay or our Blackrod Clinic in Bolton